Squares. Rectangles. Not all rectangles are squares, but all squares are definitely rectangles. This is a basic immutable fact. The sun will expand and our fragile home planet will be set ablaze before it can be forgotten.

Likewise, I have a close personal friend named Katheryn. It goes without saying that not all waterfalls are Kathryn(s), or that she is actually a human/waterfall hybrid being. However, she is seasonally loud and made up of 70% water. As such, I prefer that both Kathryn and waterfalls refrain from falling on me because it could hurt or distract me from doing something important.

A waterfall is the culmination of years of constant effort from mother earth, the erosion of sediments and bedload from heavy floods gradually wearing down the soft rock and changing the gradient of the stream. A small gap in height becomes large as the underwater landscape is remodeled in tiny increments, year after year and season after season. My friend doesn’t create these wonders herself. She herself only appreciates them. As a writer though, she is similarly a force to be reckoned with.

Consistent and confident in her opinions, she is also receptive to changes in the landscape and will adjust accordingly. And when she does, denizens of field and forest take note.

As a person, I’m glad to have met Kathryn. As a friend, I’m lucky to know her and annoyed that she’s moving to Vancouver.


You can read Kathryn Helmore’s writing on KelownaNow.

You definitely won’t find my writing in any news sources, so to read more go here.

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